The study of physics is special. Physicists strive to understand why our universe exists, how fundamental laws govern the motion of galaxies as well as everyday encounters, and what the role of intelligence is in the face of harsh physical reality. Physics informs us of what is possible - from communicating by cell phones to predicting the growth of black holes - and what is impossible - like defying gravity. It serves as the foundation of all of science, be it biology, medicine, or physics per se. Education in physics is also special. It emphasizes how to solve problems. Advances in physics allow scientists and engineers to formulate new technologies and initiate new industries. This in turn drives economic growth and leads to a better tomorrow for society.


Throughout recorded history, private philanthropy has played an essential role in building institutions of higher education and maintaining scholarship. The Physics Department at UC San Diego has a world-class faculty that attracts some of brightest scholars in the world. But it needs your help to continue to thrive and grow, a situation exacerbated by the current economic climate in California. A gift of any amount, whether it's $50, $500, $5,000, or $5 million, will make a difference in the accomplishment of our department and allows you to create a living legacy.


Select an Area of Impact
You may choose to contribute to:

  • General instructional and research activities in the Physics Department, which include outreach and recruitment activities.
  • Support of individual students, e.g., graduate fellowships, undergraduate scholarships, and travel awards.
  • Support of individual faculty e.g., Endowed Chairs.
  • Support of individual research programs, e.g., deep space astronomy.

Maximize Your Impact
Gifts to the Physics Department at UC San Diego are tax-deductible. You may be able to increase the impact of your gift through:

  • Gift matching; please consult your employer.
  • The donation of appreciated securities; tax-advantaged.


You can choose to make tax-deductible gifts to any of the above Areas of Impact.

Contribute to a current area of highest need:

By credit card, electronic funds transfer, or UCSD payroll deduction -- via our secure online site by clicking on one of the fund numbers below. Click on the fund name to see a more detailed description of the fund and its purpose.

By check -- selecting a fund from the list above, print and complete this gift form, make your check payable to "UC San Diego Foundation", and mail both to:

UCSD Gift Processing
9500 Gilman Drive, MC 0940
La Jolla, CA 92093-0940

Additional giving options
For information on additional options for contributing to any Area of Impact, including gifts by phone, pledges, i.e., a gift paid over 3-5 years, and planned gifts, e.g., a bequest through a will or charitable trust, please contact:

Bret Noël
Chief Administrative Officer
Department of Physics

See the Student Support and Awards page for further information.