Undergraduate Student Groups


 Society of Physics Students at UC San Diego (SPS)

The purpose of this organization is the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of physics, the encouragement of interest in physics throughout the academic and local communities, and the introduction of students to the professional community. We are devoted to fostering a welcoming and inclusive social and academic community for all UC San Diego undergraduates interested in physics. Our events include research presentations, educational talks, socials, lab tours, the physics graduation ceremony, and more!

Contact: spsucsandiego@gmail.com


Astronomy Club at UC San Diego

Astronomy Club at UCSD is a non-profit student organization that aims to promote the interest of astronomy and astrophysics among UCSD undergraduates. Our organization focuses on the exploration of the universe. We hope to help students, who are interested in astronomy, know each other and get more access to professional faculty.

Contact: astronomyucsd@gmail.com


Graduate Student Groups


Graduate Women in Physics (GWIP)

Graduate Women in Physics (GWIP) exists to support women graduate students in the Physics Department through the challenges they encounter as members of an underrepresented group in the field of physics. 

Contact:  ucsdgwip@gmail.com


Physics Graduate Council (PGC)

The Physics Graduate Council (PGC) exists to vocalize and advocate for the rights, concerns, and objectives of the graduate students in the Physics Department at UC San Diego. The PGC will act as the officially recognized liaison between the Physics Department administration and faculty and the graduate student body of said department. 

Contact:  pgc@physics.ucsd.edu



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