Physics OSD Liaison

Dawn C. Love

Office: Mayer Hall Addition 2551
Phone: (858) 822-1468
Office for Students with Disabilities

Students who are eligible for modifications, adjustments and other accommodations intended to minimize the impact of a documented disability and have obtained an Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letter with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)

1. What should you do after you receive your AFA letter from the OSD Office?

As early as possible in the academic quarter, you should deliver one copy of your AFA letter to the course instructor (to whom the letter is addressed), and another copy to the Physics OSD Academic Liaison, Dawn Love (Student Affairs Office, Mayer Hall Addition, room 2551). To ensure that you receive eligible accommodations, discuss matters first with the primary faculty for the course. NOTE:  Some faculty will provide for your accommodations themselves, and others will have you work directly with the Physics OSD Academic Liaison. Policies and procedures related to accommodations are typically listed on course syllabi, and/or discussed at the start of a course.  You are expected to be familiar with, and to follow, these guidelines.

2. How do you arrange for classroom or lab accommodations?

All Accommodations for Physics Labs and Classrooms are arranged directly by the Instructor. You are encouraged to bring these needs to the attention of the course instructor at the start of quarter, or earlier if possible. Please submit a copy of your signed AFA letter to Dawn Love to keep on file so she can ensure the Instructor is providing the accommodations based on your AFA letter and provide any needed support.

3. How do you arrange for exam and quiz accommodations?

Midterm exams and quizzes are arranged and administered by the Physics OSD Academic Liaison-Dawn Love:

  1. Take your AFA letters to the professor to obtain his/her signature.
  2. Once the instructor approves your exam request, Stop by the OSD Liaison’s office in Mayer Hall Addition, Room 2551 Monday-Friday 8am-3pm (with the exception of lunch hour 12pm-1pm) to schedule your accommodations.
    **Keep in mind that the time you begin and end has to be between 8:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-3:00pm.
  3. On the day of your exam, check in 5 minutes before the start time at the Student Affairs Office, Mayer Hall Addition, Room 2551. If you are eligible for extended time for quizzes/exams and you show up late, the exam/quiz time WILL NOT be extended beyond your original end time to excuse your tardiness.

If you have any questions, please contact Physics OSD Liaison Dawn Love.